Poster Session 1 Lidar Atmospheric Applications

Tuesday, 24 January 2017: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
4E (Washington State Convention Center )
Host: Eighth Symposium on Lidar Atmospheric Applications

Determining Smoke Particle Sphericity Using CATS Data
Natalie Midzak, Millersville University, Millersville, PA; and J. E. Yorks, E. P. Nowottnick, and M. J. McGill

Arctic Aerosols Revisited Using the New Version 4 CALIPSO Level 2 Data: Contributions from Siberian Fires and Asian Dust Storms
Jay Kar, SSAI, Hampton, VA; and Z. Liu, M. A. Vaughan, J. L. Tackett, A. Omar, K. P. Lee, B. Getzewich, B. E. Magill, C. Trepte, D. M. Winker, and P. Lucker

FP2 Boundary Layer Events in the Plains Elevated Convection at Night (PECAN) Campaign
Brian J. Carroll, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD; and B. B. Demoz, T. A. Bonin, R. Delgado, K. C. Vermeesch, B. Gentry, and D. Whiteman

Using a Scanning Micro Pulse Lidar to Study Aerosol Dynamics in New York City
Adrian Diaz, City College of New York, New York, NY; and V. Dominguez, S. Dobryansky, Y. Wu, M. Arend, B. Gross, and F. Moshary

The NASA Langley High Altitude Lidar Observatory (HALO) - Advancements in Airborne DIAL Measurements of CH4 and H2O
Amin Nehrir, NASA, Hampton, VA; and J. Hair, C. A. Hostetler, A. Notari, J. Collins, R. Hare, D. B. Harper, C. Antill, and A. L. Cook

Validation of Ozone and Temperature Measurements at the Mauna Loa Observatory
Thomas J. McGee, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and L. Twigg, G. Sumnicht, J. Sullivan, I. S. McDermid, T. Leblanc, and J. Barnes

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