Fifth Conference on Urban Environment

Session 2

 the urban heat island effect (parallel with session 3)
 Chair: Tim R. Oke, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada
10:30 AM2.2The Urban Heat Island and Temperature Inversions Measured by a Temperature Datalogger Network in Phoenix during June and July 2001  extended abstract
Jerome D. Fast, PNNL, Richland, WA
10:45 AM2.3Urban modifications in a mesoscale meteorological model and the effects on surface energetics in a semi-arid metropolitan region  extended abstract
Susanne Grossman-Clarke, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ; and J. A. Zehnder and W. L. Stefanov
2.4A model study on the effects of urbanization on the thermal and convective properties of San Juan, Puerto Rico  extended abstract
Pedro J. Mulero, University of Puerto Rico, MayagŁez, PR; and J. E. Gonzalez
11:00 AM2.5Application of GIS to make 'Urban Environmental Climate Map' for Urban Planning  extended abstract wrf recording
Takahiro Tanaka, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan; and M. Moriyama
11:15 AM2.5AA Study of the Oklahoma City Urban Heat Island Using Ground Measurements and Remote Sensing (Formally Paper 2.1)  extended abstract
Michael J. Brown, LANL, Los Alamos, NM; and A. Ivey, T. N. McPherson, D. Boswell, and E. R. Pardyjak
11:30 AM2.6Thermal-climatic effects of a fairground event in the local area   wrf recording
Karsten Brandt, GmbH, Bonn, Germany; and W. Kuttler
2.7Urban heat budget and waste water heat discharge in Moscow  extended abstract
Mikhail S. Myagkov, Urban Environment Research and Design Institute, Moscow, Russia

Monday, 23 August 2004: 10:30 AM-11:45 AM

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