21st International Conference on Interactive Information Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology


The InteractiveGrid Analysis and Display System (IGrADS) for the U.S. Armed Forces

R. Bruce Telfeyan, Air Force Weather Agency, Offutt AFB, NE; and D. M. Rozema and J. J. Wesely

The Air Force Weather Agency’s (AFWA’s) GrADS-based interactive visualization tool, (called IGrADS, for Interactive GrADS), enables forecasters to pick a wide variety of forecast products tailored to fit the needs of their customers. IGrADS is available over the AFWA’s webpage, JAAWIN (https://weather.afwa.af.mil) and has been operational since early 2002. The interface enables forecasters to create (potentially) many hundreds of millions of varieties of visualized or alphanumeric products designed to meet their customers’ needs. These products range from meteograms, skew-Ts, vertical cross-sections, forecast maps, and seven different types of alphanumeric meteorological output. Forecasters have the option of choosing from among eight different numerical forecast models. The most extensive product lines are available for AFWA’s MM5. This will be supplanted with Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model once it is declared operational. IGrADS users can choose any display region they desire, can animate forecast data, and can bookmarked frequently needed charts, then recall them with current model data whenever required.

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Session 15, Interactive Processing Systems Part II
Thursday, 13 January 2005, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

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