85th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 10 January 2005
Fog Aerosol analysis and cloud seeding experiments at DaeGwalryoung, Korea.
Sung-Nam Oh, Meteorological Research Institute / Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul, South Korea; and Y. H. Kim, J. Y. Kim, G. M. Park, J. Y. Jeong, and H. Y. Yang
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A case study for cloud seeding and for dissipation experiments were conducted at an orographic mountain area at DaeGwalryoung of East mountain area in Korea in winter season 2003 and 2004. Ten hygroscopic flares were expended over 35 min while twenty of AgI flares were expended over 24 min in the high sloped mountain on 856 m altitude. The aerosol and CCN were observed by FSSP at the ground base.

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