85th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 10 January 2005
Diagnosis of radiative feedbacks in the latest version of the GFDL AM2 climate model
Stephanie A. Weber, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Using an offline version of the 3D radiation code from the latest version of the GFDL AM2 model, radiative feedbacks involving water vapor, lapse rate, surface albedo and clouds will be analyzed. The primary focus of the analysis will be an atmosphere-slab ocean simulation forced by a doubling of CO2. The radiative feedbacks are calculated using a correction for the error associated with substituting uncorrelated fields from the doubled CO2 climate into that of the control. These values are compared to previous versions of AM2, as well as a comparable experiment in which a uniform change in sea surface temperature serves as a surrogate warming. The physical mechanisms associated with each individual feedback will be discussed.

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