85th AMS Annual Meeting

Thursday, 13 January 2005: 11:15 AM
NOAA’s National Weather Service climate outreach in 2004-05
Barbara E. Mayes, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and R. E. Livezey
NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) has increased its profile in climate services in the last year as it has expanded its regional and local climate services. National outreach activities include organizing, facilitating, and attending climate-related workshops and meetings, as well as developing outreach materials including brochures and websites.

In 2004, NWS Climate Services led several climate outreach projects. With partners both in NOAA and outside of the government sector, NWS sponsored several workshops in 2004, including the NOAA Snowfall Network Observations Workshop (SNOW), NOAA Data Users’ Forum, Climate Prediction Applications Science (CPAS) Workshop, and a workshop on NCEP climate modeling products. In addition, NWS produced materials for outreach on climate, including a web-based media toolkit, as well as training for its field employees on outreach and customer service in climate services.

NWS Climate Services will announce several outreach activities for 2005. The CPAS Workshop will be repeated, along with other workshops targeting NWS climate products and services. In addition, NWS will develop further outreach materials, both in print and online; the content and location of these materials will be discussed.

During this presentation, the author will solicit feedback from attendees regarding NWS climate products and services, as well as the effectiveness of ongoing outreach activities, via open discussion.

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