85th AMS Annual Meeting

Sunday, 9 January 2005
Weather Studies in Fort Valley State university - A realistic Approach
Osondu I,N Latimor M. III, PAGE, Fort Valley, GA
Fort valley State University in Middle Georgia is already offering a related course in weather studies in the form of Geography 1232 - Introduction to Weather and climate. However, after the kansas city meeting in May, an application for a change of course name has ben made to the university curriculum committee through the Deapartmental curriculum committee, with the approval of of the Dean School of Arts and Sciences. The new course name will be Geog 1232 - Introduction to meteorology. It is hoped that when the University's curriculum committee meets in the Fall 2004, this name change will be approved to enable this course to be offered in the spring of 2005. Initially, this course will be offered as a hybrid course. This will enable students to choose either the traditional lecture type or the on-line course. Already a web site is being developed for the on line course. It should be noted that Fort valley State University weather system is presently linked to the state of Georgia weather system and nationally through weatherbug.com

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