85th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 10 January 2005: 9:15 AM
A PDA-based record keeping system for cloud seeding operations
Paul T. Moen, North Dakota State Water Commission, Bismarck, ND; and D. W. Langerud
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An important aspect of cloud seeding operations is the accurate documentation of seeding activities. The North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board (NDARB) has collected detailed information on North Dakota seeding activities since its creation in 1975. Until 2004, ND Cloud Modification Project (NDCMP) pilots logged seeding activities on paper forms. Last year, NDARB undertook the development of a system incorporating a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a wireless GPS to collect seeding operations data electronically. The system records GPS information at prescribed intervals and allows the user to key in additional information through a graphic user interface specifically developed for the PDA. Recorded information can be uploaded directly into the NDARB database through telephone land line. In addition to the spatial data collected from the GPS, pilots input seeding events (acetone generators, flares and dry ice), updraft velocities, temperature, cloud base height, and remarks. The system also assists project pilotís logistics and navigation with an aircraft location map display. The electronic data format will greatly improve the utility of the information, improving our ability to perform evaluation, research, and analysis activities.

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