85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005
Wind and Water Vapor Comparisons from IHOP 2002
Joseph P. Comer, SSAI, Lanham, MD; and B. Gentry, D. Whiteman, and B. Demoz
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In 2002, the Goddard Lidar Observatory for Winds (GLOW) Doppler wind lidar and Scanning Raman Lidar (SRL) water vapor Raman lidar participated in the International H2O Project (IHOP 2002) at the Homestead profiling site in western Oklahoma. Over the course of six weeks, measurements of both wind and water vapor were taken, totaling in 75 hours of coincident observations. By exploiting this data overlap, several interesting atmospheric phenomena including low-level jets, dry lines, and bore waves can be studied by comparing wind and water vapor fields. In this paper, we present collocated and coincident wind and water vapor data in several case studies, with the focus lying on bore-wave and low-level jet events occurring on June 19-20.

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