85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005
TODWL: An Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar for Atmospheric Research
George D. Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and C. O'Handley, S. Wood, S. Greco, R. Bluth, and H. Jonsson
Poster PDF (335.2 kB)
Currently there are only a few airborne scanning Doppler wind lidars in operation that are dedicated to atmospheric research. The Office of Naval Research and the Integrated Program Office of the NPOESS have co-funded the development and use of a 2 micron coherent Doppler lidar integrated into a Twin Otter aircraft operated by the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Atmospheric Studies (CIRPAS). This poster will describe the instrument and its performance during two series of field experiments in 2002 and 2003. Research objectives included observations of Organized Large Eddies over the ocean near Monterey, CA, validation of MM5 forecasted winds over complex terrain and understanding the lidar returns from the Layer Adjacent to the Surface of various water bodies (rivers, lakes, ocean and wetlands). Demonstrated accuracies for all three components of the wind will be presented along with comparisons with other sounders such as microwave sounders, groundbased lidars and meteorological towers.

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