2002 Annual

Sunday, 13 January 2002
District Eleven Earth and Weather Study Program
Steven J. Richards, Northeast Bronx Weather Station, Bronx, NY
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The District 11 Weather and Earth Studies Program (DEWS)of Community School District 11 (CSD 11) is designed to improve the teaching and learning of the atmospheric, earth, physical and life sciences in grades 5-8 throughout the district. Beginning in September 2001, an atmospheric/Earth Systems Science (ESS) program of science instruction will be in place across these grade levels. The new approach to science instruction involves the use of atmospheric science themes as the basis of an integrated and interdisciplinary program that unifies the atmospheric, earth, physical and life sciences in conformance with the National Science Education Standards, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy, the New York State Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Grades 5-8 and the New York City New Standards Performance Standards for Science.

The Northeast Bronx (District 11) Weather Station (NBWS) will serve as the focal point for instructional activities in the atmospheric-ESS based sciences in the district. This facility's educational lessons will be presented from an Earth Systems Science perspective to a combined annual total of approximately 5000 CDS 11 fifth-grade and eighth-grade students. The interdisciplinary connections of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere will be stressed in each activity.

In addition, the NBWS will serve as an in-service training facility for CSD 11 teachers, grades 5-8, who are engaged in science instruction. This training will focus on the introduction of the Internet-based methodologies and strategies required for the delivery of the new atmospheric-science/ESS-based program for these grades. Specifically, teachers will receive instruction in the utilization of the District 11 Science Server Web Site and in the use of the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) as well as other content appropriate Web sites.

The NBWS also will prepare CSD 11 science teachers in developing long-term, research "Exit Projects" for their students in the atmospheric and other Earth Systems science disciplines. The New York City Board of Education has mandated that in addition to passing a New York State science assessment test, these rigorous projects are required be completed successfully as a precondition for student promotion to the next grade level.

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