2002 Annual

Sunday, 13 January 2002
Earth Systems Science Celebrations at Sandstone Middle School
Steve M. Carlson, AMS/Project Atmosphere and Datastreme, and Hermiston School District, Hermiston, OR
Meteorology and oceanography, science celebrations in the community can enhance local support for earth systems science and provide a platform for students to demonstrate understandings of fundamental concepts. This program is part of a research class I teach at Sandstone Middle School in Hermiston, Oregon. Students do fundamental research in earth systems science and present “rated posters” at a science celebrations in the evening. Business & Industry and community members also demonstrate how earth systems science relates to real world career applications. These celebrations link the students directly to local community resources and provide the students insight into how studies are relevant to their future . Actual classroom materials, rubrics and research data will be part of the presentation. This poster or presentation will demonstrate these essential relationships and understandings.

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