2002 Annual

Sunday, 13 January 2002
Learning Experiences at the Top (of Mt. Washington)
John D. Moore, AMS/AERA, Blackwood, NJ; and R. P. Wanton
This poster will archive and present an educational outreach program coordinated between the Mt. Washington Observatory, the Mt. Holly National Weather Service Forecast Office, and the AMS DataStreme and Water in the Earth Systems Teacher Enhancement Program's Local Implementation Team. Offered as a continuing education activity, alumni from the AMS Education Programs traveled to the top of Mt. Washington in June 2001 to spend the night at the location that boasts "the world's worst weather". During their experience at the top, teachers participated in educational activities in an intense road trip from New Jersey. This poster will not only document this exciting educational field trip, but also highlight the educational outreach program of the Mt. Washington Observatory. This poster represents a commitment to on-going relationships between the participants of the AMS DataStreme and WES projects to provide professional development, and engage in learning activities that better educate their students

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