2002 Annual

Thursday, 17 January 2002: 9:44 AM
NWS Technology Infusion Plan: A roadmap to 2025
John L. Hayes, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD
The National Weather Service (NWS) Modernization and Associated Restructuring (MAR), which involved the implementation of major observation and processing systems and restructuring of field operations, has resulted in significant improvements in water, weather, and climate products and services to the Nation. Looking ahead to the future, the NWS has developed a Technology Infusion Plan (TIP) based on where science and technology advances can lead its services over the next 25 years. This presentation provides an overview of the NWS TIP, which is partitioned into three planning time frames (near-, mid- and long-term). In particular, the TIP reflects how anticipated science and technology opportunities can meet future product and service needs by laying out a roadmap of evolving capabilities for major elements of the forecast process: observations, data assimilation and numerical prediction, forecast techniques and product preparation, and dissemination. The TIP will provide a basis for NWS strategic planning and the insertion of new science and technology into operations in collaboration with partners.

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