2002 Annual

Thursday, 17 January 2002: 9:30 AM
FX-Net as a tool for AWIPS education/training
James P. Koermer, Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH; and J. Zabransky Jr., S. Madine, and R. Brummer
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The NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) has been developing FX-Net as a low-cost clone of the weather visualization window of an AWIPS workstation. For nearly two years, the Plymouth State College (PSC) meteorology program has been beta testing and incoporating FX-Net into its curriculum. The University of Northern Iowa has also recently added an FX-Net capability. FX-Net has also been used for a regional NWS training workshop in Albany. As the system has become more mature and robust, the education/training aspects of using such an AWIPS clone have been greatly enhanced. This paper will focus on the benefits of having an FX-Net capability for the education and training of current and future meteorologists.

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