2002 Annual

Thursday, 17 January 2002: 9:15 AM
Archiving of AWIPS data in National Weather Service offices
Elizabeth M. Page, NOAA/NWS, Boulder, CO; and R. J. Miller, M. A. Magsig, and T. Alberta
In the last year, National Weather Service (NWS) offices began using the Linux version of AWIPS display 2-dimensional (D2D) software to view case study data. This technology allows case review for research and training, and playback using displaced real time (DRT) where data products are updated as the time moves forward. DRT playback is used to simulate the operational forecasting environment to allow forecasters to practice issuing warnings.

Until very recently, the sole source of case studies in AWIPS format was the NWS/COMET case study library (www.comet.ucar.edu/resources/cases/awips.htm). Ideally, individual forecast offices would to be able to archive their own data, including local datasets. Personnel at NWS/Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Spokane, WA have developed interactive scripts for selecting and saving meteorological data in AWIPS format for local use. This software allows forecasters to archive data as the event occurs, or shortly afterward. Because of the large size of AWIPS datasets, flexibility in defining time periods and data products to be archived has been built into the software. Applications of these data include local training and research efforts at individual offices and exchange of data within the NWS and the university community.

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