2002 Annual

Monday, 14 January 2002: 4:15 PM
Development of an SQL database with real-time Java maps for the NJ WxNet
David A. Robinson, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; and C. Duvall, K. Sharma, and C. Shmukler
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The Office of the NJ State Climatologist (ONJSC) at Rutgers University has created a flexible, dependable system for users to view NJ weather and climate data. The ONJSC is developing a centralized web site for users to access weather stations from different networks throughout New Jersey, as part of the New Jersey Weather and Climate Network, or NJ WxNet. An SQL database has been constructed to accept weather data from a host of different sources in real time. This database serves as the archive for Java maps rendered on demand through the user's Java-enabled web browser. The maps are designed using our Strategic Weather Object-oriented Remote Display system, or SWORD.

SWORD has been designed by the ONJSC to deliver a comprehensive suite of weather products in real time. The SWORD system's capabilities range from simple plotting of station data to complex point-interpolation maps. An intuitive, user-friendly interface and animation support are just two of the many features available for users to visually interpret NJ WxNet data. Constructed using Java, the SWORD system is compatible with any operating system and works within virtually any web browser.

A selected array of products are available via the NJ WxNet web site for public use. Any number of customized products for specific user groups could be generated utilizing the SWORD system in collaboration with the ONJSC. Key user groups targeted by the ONJSC throughout the development of the SWORD system include public-safety officials, transportation officials, educators and the general public. The issues faced while creating an automated, computer-based archive for weather data will be discussed in depth, as well as the progress to date.

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