2002 Annual

Wednesday, 16 January 2002
Visualizing NASA ASDCs Data using view_hdf & misr_view
Nichole Silvers, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA
view_hdf and misr_view are applications that will open a Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) file and display the data, images from the data and/or data file information. These software programs are available in the public domain but both require Research System's Inc. Interactive Data Language (IDL).

view_hdf can select and subset variables from either Science Data Set(SDS) or vdata structures in an HDF file, render both two-and three- dimensional graphics, and plot geolocated data onto various world map projections. The view_hdf tool is written in IDL, uses some shared "c" libraries and uses a graphical user interface to allow manipulation of the data.

misr_view is specifically designed for MISR and Air MISR files that use the HDF-EOS "grid" interface. For MISR data, the user interface provides data selection for specified orbits, paths or observation dates, and enables translation between identification modes. For Air MISR, the display and analysis tools include simultaneous display of several data planes through color assignment, contrast enhancement, data value query, image rotation, creation stereo anaglyphs, zooming, and linked analysis.

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