2002 Annual

Wednesday, 16 January 2002: 4:29 PM
Software application to frontogenetic function fields and Q-vectors estimations
Ireneusz Andrew Winnicki, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland; and D. Chaladyniak and K. Kroszczyński
The paper presents an application developed in Meteorology Section for quick and easy preparation of meteorological data analysis. Meteosat images transformation to the cartographic projections commonly used for weather charts, GRID data visualization, the atmosphere state characteristics computation and these meteorological data complex presentation are the main features of the program. The application’s products can be used for frontogenetic function fields and Q-vectors estimations.. This application is not meant to be an automated analysis system but it is to prepare meteorological data for more effective complex analysis. The program converts data from original projection to the one that is common for the others and provides their presentation in a friendly environment.

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