2002 Annual

Tuesday, 15 January 2002: 2:15 PM
A discussion on the use of streamline analysis to identify and forecast the location of, and the weather associated with, synoptic features
Phillip A. Zuzolo, Autometric Incorporated, A Boeing Company, Springfield, VA; and A. M. Powell Jr., J. R. Schultz, P. Fetz, M. L. Pearce, R. D. Blyth, S. G. Hoffert, and B. J. Zuzolo
This paper discusses the use of streamlines as an analysis tool to identify synoptic features and the weather associated with these features. The value of streamline analysis is discussed under the context of both current and forecast weather. Streamline analysis is presented as a general, seasonally independent analysis tool and not as a new analysis technique.

The actual analysis of streamline features is approached using an available software tool that offers a streamline analysis algorithm as a capability. Streamline analyses are then presented along with synoptic features and weather satellite imagery as separate and combined overlays. These individual and composite overlays are then discussed qualitatively for comparison purposes in demonstrating the value of using streamline analysis to locate synoptic features and to identify current and future areas of significant weather. A primary focus of this discussion is whether or not streamline analysis provides visual cues of likely significant weather occurrences both for the current analysis and forecast weather model fields.

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