2002 Annual

Thursday, 17 January 2002: 3:30 PM
Visual Flood Modeling of Dam Breaks
Steven G. Hoffert, Autometric Incorporated, A Boeing Company, Springfield, VA; and A. T. Perlik, P. A. Zuzolo, A. M. Powell Jr., R. W. Kennedy, B. Zuzolo, M. L. Pearce, and G. N. Greene
This paper presents a visual model for analyzing and assessing the potential downstream impacts of flooding that might occur as the result of a catastrophic dam break forced by heavy precipitation. Using high-resolution digital terrain models, transect elevation data, and forecasted water heights at downstream point locations the model provides a geo-spatially accurate, terrain-bounded, time-varying depiction of flood depth and horizontal extent that can be used for decision support across a variety of flooding applications ranging from insurance risk assessment to emergency response. Additionally, a dynamic data inspection capability can provide quantitative temporal and spatial analysis of various flood parameters (e.g., depth) at any point within the flood region. High-resolution imagery, map, and GIS data can also be underlain to the flood data to provide a more complete application context.

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