2002 Annual

Thursday, 17 January 2002: 2:15 PM
FX-Net National: A non-localized Internet-based meteorological workstation
Sean Madine, NOAA/FSL, and CIRA/Colorado State University, Boulder, CO; and N. Wang, E. Polster, J. Pyle, and R. Brummer
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FX-Net National is an Internet-based meteorological workstation that has been developed at NOAA's Forecast Systems Laboratory. The server is an extension of the existing AWIPS D2D capability. The client, which emulates the D2D interface, allows interactivity with the data. It runs on readily available PC hardware with a modest network bandwidth (minimum of 56 kbps). By leveraging the new AWIPS (version 5.1) nationally oriented "localization", a single FX-Net server can now provide significant forecasting information for any location in the continental US. The client can retrieve and display model forecasts, satellite imagery, and observations. In addition, eleven display products are available from each of the WSR-88D radar sites. FX-Net National is successfully being used in the university teaching and research environment. Currently it is also being evaluated in fire weather forecasting exercises.

A detailed technical discussion will be presented along with a real-time demonstration of the system

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