2002 Annual

Monday, 14 January 2002: 9:45 AM
The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System: A History
Mary Glackin, NOAA/NESDIS, Silver Spring, MD
The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS)/NOAAPORT Program has been described as the cornerstone of the National Weather Service Modernization. AWIPS currently serves as the prime system supporting warning and forecast operations at field offices while NOAAPORT distributes NOAA data and products to the broader community in real time. In addition to traditional system development activities, early AWIPS efforts included the development of an operations concept for (the then future types of ) field offices and national centers; a vigorous survey and evaluation of applicable meteorological and hydrological techniques; and an on-going risk reduction program that involved several operational offices. These latter efforts combined with an iterative and interactive development approach ultimately allowed for the successful development. An historical perspective of the AWIPS/NOAAPORT Program along with the author's view of lessons learned will be presented.

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