2002 Annual

Session 9: Climate Model Diagnostics: Clouds and Radiation, Part I

Tuesday, 15 January 2002: 4:00 PM-5:15 PM
Organizer:  Gerald Potter, LLNL
  4:01 PM
Cloud structure anomalies over the tropical Pacific during the 1997/98 El Nino
Robert D. Cess, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY; and M. H. Zhang, P. H. Wang, and B. A. Wielicki

  4:30 PM
Characteristics of Cloud Radiative Forcing Over East Asia
Wei-Chyung Wang, SUNY, Albany, NY; and W. -. S. Kau, H. -. H. Hsu, and C. -. H. Tu

  4:45 PM
Validating the Radiative and Dynamical Feedbacks in NCAR CCM3
Lianzeng Liang, State Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Beijing, China

  5:00 PM
Study of Large Ensemble of Cloud Systems from EOS Satellite Observations for Cloud Model Evaluation
Kuan-Man Xu, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and T. Wong, L. Parker, B. A. Wielicki, D. A. Randall, M. Branson, D. H. Wang, and B. Barkstrom

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