12th Symposium on Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation


New Vaisala RS92 GPS Radiosonde offers high level of performance and GPS wind data availability

Jaakko Hirvensalo, Vaisala, Helsinki, Finland; and J. Währn and H. Jauhianen

Upper-Air observations with radiosondes benefits from continuous instrument development. Accurate and reliable measurements of PTU as well as accurate and robust GPS wind data availability is needed to meet the requirements of the meteorological community and related applications.

Vaisala is now introducing a new Radiosonde Family offering users high accuracy PTU along with secured wind data availability.

Code Correlating GPS windfinding Vaisala’s new Radiosonde introduces a code correlating GPS windfinding technology developed especially for upper air windfinding. It is implemented in custom ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) electronics that provides advanced levels of performance. The code correlating GPS together with a special data transmission error decoding algorithm assure functionality even in harsh environments such as in the presence of radar. The article will review test results demonstrating this high level of performance.

Digital Signal Processing The RS92 radiosonde utilizes a narrow band digital down link. The raw PTU values are calculated in the Radiosonde and transmitted as digital data.

Proven, high accuracy PTU The PTU measurement is based on proven RS90 sensors. The fast-response, repeatable, and accurate Humicap, Thermocap and Barocap sensors offer top-rated measurement capability into the hands of the most demanding users.

The RS92 radiosonde is designed to be fast and easy to launch manually and also automatically from Vaisala AUTOSONDE unmanned sounding stations.

This new radiosonde introduction along with the latest DigiCORA III ground station brings to the market a powerful tool for performing of Upper Air in-situ observations. The robust and accurate code correlating GPS together with the product leadership in PTU measurements creates an optimal solution as well as a platform for future Vaisala Radiosonde improvements and models.

Session 4, Improved Weather Measurement Techniques
Monday, 10 February 2003, 4:00 PM-4:45 PM

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