19th Conference on IIPS


Standard Benchmark Data for WSR-88D

Rajiv Khanna, Mitretek Systems, Falls Church, VA; and R. C. Elvander, A. Zahrai, D. Zrnic, R. E. Saffle, B. Bumgarner, and M. J. Istok

Abstract: A standard benchmark data set is proposed for WSR-88D. The benchmark could be used to develop and test new processing capabilities for the RDA and RPG segments of WSR-88D. The benchmark would support faster evaluation of new technology for its effectiveness in supporting NWS and other agency GPRA goals. The data set would contain digitized time-series data samples extracted at the output of the WSR-88D receiver and the corresponding Base Data generated using NSSL technology at KOUN. RPG products could augment the benchmark data set to extend its utility to product generation. The benchmark data would contain key radar configuration parameters to define the operating conditions when it is collected. This paper introduces the concept of a standard benchmark for WSR-88D and identifies its utility in WSR-88D research, engineering, development, and testing.

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Poster Session 1, 19th IIPS Poster Session
Monday, 10 February 2003, 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

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