12th Symposium on Education


Scientific Principles Of Weather And Climate

Valentina S. David, Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, FL

Implementation of a new course needs approval of the college academic committee and the process takes a few months. Hence in fall 2002 first steps were taken towards implementing the Online Weather Studies course at Bethune-Cookman College. A few selected chapters from Online Weather Studies course were included with web enhanced Physical Science course. Physical Science is offered to non-science majors as a general course requirement. This semester the course is offered with no online components. Four web units on Atmosphere, Atmospheric effects, Weather, and plotting and examining the weather maps were developed using the links to the Internet resources. All units and other course material were posted on the WebCT Course Homepage. The students were asked to read the unit for the week and answer the preliminary questions. The discussions then continued in the classroom with the hands-on activities and tests. The final grade of the course included the home assignments, class hands-on activities, labs, tests and comprehensive examination.

In general, the students very well received the weather studies component of the course. Students who felt satisfied having the course material available to them on the web, struggled at the last moment to complete the home assignments and found it difficult to catch up with the rest of the class. While the other students, who were self-motivated, completed their work on time. Keeping the pace of course schedule was challenging for the students and the instructor.

Next semester the course will be offered with the online component. The current weather maps delivered via Internet, will be coordinated with the learning activities of the AMS study guide.

Poster Session 1, Poster Session: K-12, Popular and University Educational Initiatives
Sunday, 9 February 2003, 5:30 PM-7:00 PM

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