12th Symposium on Education


Online Weather Studies at the Southeast College Of HCCS

Cheng Ting, Southeast College, Houston, TX; and T. Ting

A bulletin board is specially designed for the meteorology course. The information brought back from the workshop in May was displayed in the summer. The bulletin board will display reports of current weather events in Houston area in order to interest students who are walking by the physics/geology lab and nearby chemistry lab and biology lab. Special topics will also displayed, such as why Tropical Storm Allison stayed at Houston so long and caused severe damage.

To support the classroom lectures with our textbook, "Meteorology Today" by C. Donald Ahrens, satellite images from the website of the Online Weather Studies will be used to match the contents of the textbook. Seven wireless Laptop computers will be used in the class for the weather briefing with the online satellite/radar images in special weather events.

Online Weather Studies will be added to the curriculum of the distance education at Southeast College in the semester of Spring 2003. It will be introduced to the faculty member as a good example for minority students to learn science.

The science programs of the Southeast College of HCCS, the labs facilities, and the campus will be illustrated in the poster.

Poster Session 1, Poster Session: K-12, Popular and University Educational Initiatives
Sunday, 9 February 2003, 5:30 PM-7:00 PM

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