Observing and Understanding the Variability of Water in Weather and Climate
17TH Conference on Hydrology

Joint Session 3

 Instrumentation and Remote Sensing to Observe Water in all its Phases (Joint with the Symposium on Observing and Understanding the Variability of Water in Weather and Climate and the 17th Conference on Hydrology)
 Organizer: David N. Whiteman, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD
8:30 AMJ3.1Mesonetworks and Surface Instrumentation (Invited Presentation)  
Scott J. Richardson, Penn State University, University Park, PA
9:00 AMJ3.2The Global Soil Moisture Data Bank: An update including new United States stations  
Alan Robock, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; and L. Luo, M. Mu, and K. Vinnikov
9:15 AMOral Briefing: 1-2 Minute Presentation Summarizing Posters in Session JP2  
9:45 AMFormal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break  
11:00 AMJ3.3Water measurements using a Raman Lidar  extended abstract
David N. Whiteman, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and B. Demoz, Z. Wang, I. Veselovskii, K. Evans, and P. Di Girolamo
11:15 AMJ3.4Raman lidar: A versatile remote sensing instrument for water vapor and cirrus cloud studies  extended abstract
Thomas P. Ackerman, PNNL, Richland, WA; and J. M. Comstock and D. D. Turner
11:30 AMJ3.5A Reference Radiosonde System for Improving Water Vapor Measurement in IHOP_2002  extended abstract
Junhong Wang, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and T. F. Hock, D. Lauritsen, H. L. Cole, K. Beierle, N. Chamberlain, D. B. Parsons, and D. J. Carlson
11:45 AMJ3.6Retrieval of upper tropospheric humidity from AMSU data  extended abstract
Viju Oommen John, Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany; and S. Buehler and M. Kuvatov
12:00 PMJ3.7Free Tropospheric Humidity observations from METEOSAT water vapor channel data  extended abstract
Rémy Roca, LMD, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France; and H. Brogniez, L. Picon, and M. Desbois
12:15 PMLunch Break  
1:30 PMJ3.8Leveraging Improvements in Precipitation Measuring from GPM Mission to Achieve Prediction Improvements in Climate, Weather & Hydrometeorology (Invited Presentation)  
Eric A. Smith, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD
2:00 PMJ3.9Using Satellites to Monitor Surface Wetness  extended abstract
Alan Basist, NOAA/NCDC, Asheville, NC; and C. Williams
2:15 PMJ3.10Soil moisture measurements and modeling for validating AMSR-E soil moisture products  
Charles A. Laymon, USRA, Huntsville, AL; and F. Archer, W. L. Crosson, and A. Limaye
2:30 PMJ3.11Fractional snow cover in the Colorado River and Rio Grande basins, 1995–2002  
Roger C. Bales, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; and B. Imam, D. Lampkin, S. R. Helfrich, and S. R. Fassnacht
2:45 PMJ3.12Satellite observations of river and wetland hydrologic processes  
Douglas E. Alsdorf, Univ. of California, Los Angeles, CA; and D. P. Lettenmaier
3:00 PMCoffee Break in exhibit hall (exhibits open 1:30–6:30)  
3:30 PMJ3.13Monitoring Global Precipitation Using Satellite Observations: Status and Future  
Robert F. Adler, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and G. J. Huffman, S. Curtis, D. Bolvin, and E. Nelkin
3:45 PMJ3.14Trends and variability in climate rainfall products  
Christian D. Kummerow, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; and W. Berg, T. L'Ecuyer, and C. Morales
4:00 PMJ3.15Rainfall Estimation and Hydrometeor Type Classification with a Polarimetric WSR-88D Radar  extended abstract
Terry J. Schuur, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK; and A. V. Ryzhkov and D. S. Zrnic
4:15 PMJ3.16Comparison of Reflectivity and Precipitation Fields Estimated by Two Radar Systems  extended abstract
Hatim Sharif, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and E. Brandes and W. Krajewski
4:30 PMJ3.17Using ISCCP Cloud Data to Assess the Performance of Space Borne Lidar Systems  
Hans-Stefan Bauer, Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany; and H. Bauer, I. Henning-Müller, and V. Wulfmeyer
4:45 PMJ3.18Water balance computations of seasonal changes in terrestrial water storage: case study for the Mississippi river basin and methodology validation against observations from Illinois  extended abstract
Sonia I. Seneviratne, ETH, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland; and P. Viterbo, D. Lüthi, and C. Schaer
5:00 PMJ3.19Seasonal Characteristics of the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Basin Water Budget during One Semiannual Cycle as Retrieved from Satellite  extended abstract
Pablo Santos, NOAA/NWS, Miami, FL; and E. A. Smith
5:15 PMJ3.20Updating NOAA/NWS Rainfall Frequency Atlases  extended abstract
Geoffrey M. Bonnin, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and B. Lin and T. Parzybok

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM

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