83rd Annual

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 8:45 AM
The Distributed Marine Environment Forecast System
Pat J. Fitzpatrick, Mississippi State Univ., Stennis Space Center, MS
The past decade witnessed the proliferation of mature modeling packages as well as rapidly evolving computer technology which is making high-resolution modeling possible. In addition, the Internet phenomenon with constantly increasing network speed has driven technology revolutions, one of which is the development of web portals with easy user interfaces that hides the complexities of the underlying software. Currently, numerical models require considerable programming and UNIX knowledge, nor can they be managed through a web browser interface. The goal of the Distributed Marine Environment Forecast System (DMEFS) is to develop a web browser infrastructure which supports research and operational modeling needs. A hierarchy of login permissions exist for those either running the model, monitoring the model runs, or for visualizing the model output. DMEFS is setup in a generalized fashion to allow for future developments or alterations as the software evolves. Examples of DMEFS for numerical models such as COAMPS, NCOM, and WAM will be given at the conference.

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