83rd Annual

Sunday, 9 February 2003
Getting CERES about the weather
Ann T. Kelly, Our Lady of Sorrows School, St. Louis, MO
Fifth grade students have turned into amateur meteorologists and scientists thanks to DASH(Developmental Approaches in Science and Health) and NASA's CERES S'COOL Project. These ambitious students have made their own weather instruments, collected and interpreted data, and created graphs. They have observed the clouds, then gone on-line and reported their findings at the time of the satellite's overpass. The study of weather has even extended into their Language Arts classes. They have written similes and metaphors with their newly acquired vocabulary of meteorological terms. They have also penned cinquains and other forms of poetry. These students have crossed over to the wonderful world of science, a place where inquisitive minds have been hard at work, and they have loved it.

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