83rd Annual

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 8:30 AM
NSF and the Digital Libraries
Margaret Leinen, NSF, Arlington, VA
Digital Libraries provide several unique opportunities to the science community. First, they are in the process of revolutionizing the format and capability of library holdings. To do this, the digital library community is also taking a leadership role in solving many problems related to interoperability of data systems and data storage and retrieval. Second, digital libraries are creating resources that allow educators at every level to access data bases associated with leading edge scientific research. This linkage between research and education is critical to modern educational reform. Third, digital libraries are serving as tools to build community among science educators, providing them with for a to discuss curricular development and other critical issues. Fourth, digital libraries are serving as portals to enhance educational outreach of the scientific research community. NSF believes that digital libraries will serve as the modern version of the traditional library, which formed the intellectual center of communities, regardless of their size or sophistication.

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