83rd Annual

Monday, 10 February 2003
VISITview—Connecting Instructors with Operational Forecasters
Anthony Mostek, NOAA/NWS, Boulder, CO; and S. Bachmeier, T. Whittaker, D. Bikos, D. Lindsey, J. Weaver, M. DeMaria, B. Grant, and J. LaDue
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The VISITview software program is used to provide teletraining to operational weather forecasters around the world. This tool is used by the Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training (VISIT) to bring the instructor into the offices of the forecasters using the Web and conference phone calls. Since the VISITview tool was introduced early in 1999, over 8000 training certificates have been awarded to forecasters and other staff in NOAA, Meteorological Service of Canada, emergency managers, and the U.S. Navy. In 2002, VISITview was enhanced to include access to real-time satellite imagery to conduct a live weather briefing for a training workshop in Melbourne, Australia. The presentation will describe the latest features and results of using VISITview for training and briefings in real-time.

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