83rd Annual

Monday, 10 February 2003: 4:30 PM
MyWxmap: A new approach to Web-based meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) chart display
Carl D. Thormeyer, FNMOC, Monterey, CA; and E. V. Ravid
Poster PDF (674.2 kB)
MyWxmap is the next generation of FNMOC's highly successful Web-based "WxMAP", which allows a quick look at weather parameters worldwide as well as comparisons between output from different models. The present WxMAP system, while very popular, is limited in flexibility. With MyWxmap, authorized customers can define geographic areas of interest, choose from a gallery of weather and ocean charts, and choose from available forecast times. To generate MyWxmap products, FNMOC uses a low-cost parallel processing technology called a "Beowulf system" (also known as "commodity clusters"). Modern visualization techniques are also incorporated into MyWxmap which reduce user fatigue and improve usability. MyWxmap customers are primarily those desiring a "quick look" at existing and forecast weather patterns in a specific area of the world. These customers include operational military meteorologists worldwide, civilian government meteorologists and emergency planners, pilots and merchant seamen, and the general public.

Supplementary URL: http://www.fnmoc.navy.mil