83rd Annual

Wednesday, 12 February 2003: 2:15 PM
Seawinds Near-Real-Time Processing at NOAA/NESDIS: Present Status and Future Plans
Jeffrey M. Augenbaum, Computer Sciences Corp., Suitland, MD; and R. W. Luczak and G. Legg
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The QuikSCAT mission has recently passed the third launch anniversary, and has met its design goal of operating for three years. QuikSCAT near-real-time (NRT) processing of SeaWinds data at NOAA/NESDIS has been operational since February 1999 and continues to be enhanced and maintained under the Computer Sciences Corporation's (CSC) Central Satellite Data Processing (CSDP) contract. A second SeaWinds instrument is planned for the ADEOS-II mission, scheduled for launch in November 2002. In this paper we describe the planned ADEOS-II NRT processing system at NOAA/NESDIS and how it will be integrated into the current QuikSCAT processing environment. In addition, the current status of QuikSCAT NRT processing, including timeliness statistics and products, will also be presented.

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