83rd Annual

Monday, 10 February 2003
Soundings Software Bring-up for NOAA 17 (NOAA-M)
Gayle S. Surrette, Science and Technology Corp., Suitland, MD
Poster PDF (15.2 kB)
With the Launch of NOAA-17 (NM) on June 24th, Soundings began processing the data from the new satellite as soon as the first instrument was turned on. The set up and testing of the NOAA 17 system began months earlier and the testing will continue until all instruments are turned on and the system is declared operational.

This poster will indicate the steps required to bring up an additional satellite processing system when a new satellite in a series is launched It will be generalized so that the poster itself could serve as a template to others who are attempting to set up a satellite processing system.

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