83rd Annual

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 2:30 PM
International Dialogue on Water and Climate: Learning to better cope with climate variability and change
Richard Connor, International Secretariat of the Dialogue on Water and Climate, Delft, Netherlands
The Dialogue on Water and Climate (DWC) is an open, participatory process aimed at improving the capacity of water resource managers to cope with the impacts of climate change and increasing climate variability. Over the past decade, the ability to produce seasonal and long-range climate forecasting has improved considerably. Yet this potentially valuable information is not always given the proper consideration in the design and implementation of water management policies. Conversely, the climate and meteorological science communities may not be entirely aware of the type and scope of climate information required by the water sector. The DWC is seeking to bridge this knowledge gap. The DWC is also seeking to identify and promote more effective adaptation and coping strategies to reduce the negative effects of climate change and variability on water systems. These strategies are identified and discussed through a series of regional, national and basin-level multistakeholder "dialogues". Dialogues are held mainly in the developing world where the financial, human and ecological impacts are the greatest, but the capacity to cope is the least.

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