11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and the 11th Conference on Cloud Physics

Poster Session 3: Cloud Physics Poster Session III (Parallel with Joint Poster Sessions JP2 and JP3)

Wednesday, 5 June 2002: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Microphysical observations of cirrus and wave clouds
R. Paul Lawson, SPEC Inc., Boulder, CO; and B. A. Baker and C. G. Schmitt

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Monitoring drop-size distributions with polarimetric radar
Edward A. Brandes, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and G. Zhang and J. Vivekanandan

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Observations of droplet concentration and spectrum shape variability in Amazon clouds
Antônio Carlos Santana dos Santos, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil; and A. A. Costa and J. C. P. de Oliveira

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Laboratory Simulation of Hydrometeor Structure Resulting from Crystal Growth from the Vapor on Previously Frozen Supercooled Droplets
Alexei V. Korolev, MSC, Toronto, ON, Canada; and M. P. Bailey, J. Hallett, and G. A. Isaac

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Remote sensing of multilayer cirrus cloud properties during INCA using ATSR-2 data: Case study on 23 March 2000
Albano González, Univ. of La Laguna, La Laguna, Spain; and P. Wendling, B. Mayer, J. F. Gayet, and T. Rother

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Some aspects of turbulence-microphysics interaction in numerically simulated stratocumulus clouds
Shouping Wang, NRL, Monterey, CA; and Q. Wang and G. Feingold

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Tropical convection's roles in tropical tropopause cirrus
Matthew T. Boehm, National Research Council and NASA/GSFC, Washington, DC; and D. O. Starr, J. Verlinde, and S. Lee

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Remotely sensed microphysical and thermodynamic properties of non-uniform cloud fields
Harshvardhan, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; and G. Guo, R. N. Green, and T. Y. Nakajima

Ice Water Content Calculations with Ice Particle Habit Information

Arctic Cloud Properties Derived from Multispectral MODIS and AVHRR Data
Douglas A. Spangenberg, AS&M, Inc., Hampton, VA; and P. Heck, P. Minnis, Q. Trepte, S. Sun-Mack, T. Uttal, and X. Dong

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Drizzle in stratocumulus: observations and model results
Robert Wood, The Met Office, Bracknell, Berks., United Kingdom

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A novel parameterization of turbulent transport in the stratocumulus-topped boundary-layer
Alexandre Araújo Costa, Universidade Estadual do Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil; and G. P. Almeida, H. F. de Campos Velho, and J. C. P. de Oliveira

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Effects of aerosols on rain formation as seen from experiments with a 2000-bin cloud microphysical model
Yaron Segal, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel; and A. P. Khain and M. B. Pinsky

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GCM-simulated and satellite-retrieved cloud-aerosol interaction
Kentaroh Suzuki, Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; and T. Nakajima, A. Numaguti, T. Takemura, K. Kawamoto, and A. Higurashi

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