13th Conference on Applied Climatology and the 10th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology

Session 12: Applications of Climate Data

Thursday, 16 May 2002: 8:00 AM-11:45 AM
Organizer:  Nolan Doesken, Colorado State Univ.
  8:00 AM
An Investigation of Changes in the Length of the Growing Season in Oregon
George H. Taylor, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR; and N. Parazoo

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  8:15 AM
Recent climatic trends and changes in potato late blight disease risk in the Upper Great Lakes region
Kathleen M. Baker, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI; and J. A. Andresen and W. W. Kirk

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  8:30 AM
Testing Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Variability: A Case Study from the Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona
Colin Thor West, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; and M. Vasquez-Leon and T. J. Finan

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  8:45 AM
Monitoring climate for wildfire, prescribed fire, and fire use
Timothy J. Brown, DRI, Reno, NV; and B. L. Hall

  9:00 AM
Seasonality of temperature and ischaemic heart disease mortality in five English Counties
Glenn R. McGregor, Univ. of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom; and H. Watkin

  9:15 AM
  9:30 AM
On seasonal differences in weather-related mortality trends in the United States
Robert E. Davis, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA; and P. C. Knappenberger, W. M. Novicoff, and P. J. Michaels

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  10:00 AM
Reanalysis and the identification of wind energy climates
Marc Schwartz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO

  10:30 AM
Climatic probabilities of snow drift loading on gable roofs
Arthur T. DeGaetano, Northeast Regional Climate Center, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY; and M. J. O'Rourke

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  10:45 AM
Objective cyclone climatologies of the North Atlantic using NCEP/NCAR and ECMWF Reanalyses: Implications for the UK Insurance Industry.
Clair Hanson, Univ. of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom; and J. Palutikof, A. Jones, and T. Holt

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  11:00 AM
Climate Impact Indices for the Economy Utilized by NCDC's Climate Monitoring Branch
Richard R. Heim Jr., NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC, Asheville, NC; and J. H. Lawrimore, D. B. Wuertz, A. M. Waple, and T. W. R. Wallis

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  11:15 AM
Coffee Break