18th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence

Session 10A



 Chair: Wayne M. Angevine, CIRES, University of Colorado, and NOAA/ESRL, Boulder, CO
10:30 AM10A.1Exchange processes in mountainous regions during the EGER 2007 micrometeorological experiment  extended abstract
Andrei Serafimovich, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany; and L. Siebicke, K. Staudt, T. Foken, F. X. Meixner, E. Falge, and C. Zetzsch
10:45 AM10A.2Reasons for the breakdown of Monin-Obukhov similarity theory above rough surfaces  
Jan H. Schween, University of Cologne, Cologne, NRW, Germany
11:00 AM10A.3Turbulent heat fluxes in the atmospheric surface layer: comparison of scintillometer measurements with eddy-covariance and gradient methods  
Jose M. Galvez, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and P. Klein and S. Arms
11:15 AM10A.4Evaluation of footprints in homogeneous and inhomogeneous terrain with a Lagrangian stochastic particle model embedded into a large eddy simulation model  
Gerald Steinfeld, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany; and S. Raasch, T. Markkanen, and T. Foken
11:30 AM10A.5Simple modification of two-equation models for non-neutral flow  extended abstract
Andrey Sogachev, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Roskilde, Denmark; and O. Panferov and T. Vesala
11:45 AM10A.6Spatial variability of vertical and horizontal turbulent fluxes above a boreal forest  extended abstract
Meelis Mölder, Lund University, Lund, Sweden; and C. Feigenwinter and A. Lindroth
12:00 PM10A.7Imposing land-surface fluxes at an immersed boundary for improved simulations of atmospheric flow over complex terrain  extended abstract
Katherine A. Lundquist, University of California, Berkeley, CA; and F. K. Chow, J. K. Lundquist, and J. D. Mirocha

Wednesday, 11 June 2008: 10:30 AM-12:15 PM, Aula Magna Vänster

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