612 Reducing or Preventing Global Warming with Incentive Structures

Tuesday, 8 January 2019
Hall 4 (Phoenix Convention Center - West and North Buildings)
James L. Gamble III, PoliticalSheepdog.com, Gibson Island, MD

How can we expect to reduce or reverse global warming unless we correct the incentive structures driving it? Most attacks on global warming have been through engineering, but this talk will explain how to attack global warming through incentive structures and economics.

One of fundamental flaws in our democratic politico-economies is that people can create vast fortunes catering to private wants, while people like you, who protect the public good, frequently receive relatively paltry compensation, even when the public good has immense value. In addition, a human flaw is the difficulty perceiving invisible dangers like the risks of 9 billion tons of CO2 emissions. Democracies exacerbate this flaw, because they require majorities to understand invisible dangers before they can prevent the dangers. Both of these flaws can only be attacked is by only one system - PoliticalSheepdog.com. The PoliticalSheepdog.com intellectual property system can furnish people, who can prevent invisible danger, with fair compensation and resources to prevent these dangers. Fair compensation consists of approximations of the marginal revenue product at zero. These new incentives will thwart the failing incentives. We also need PoliticalSheepdog.com policy markets to provide the political incentives, which can successfully drive legislation that reduces and possibly reverses climate change for the least, but fair, costs.

Supplementary URL: https://www.politicalsheepdog.com

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