Joint Session 4 Advances in CubeSats and SmallSats to Improve Earth Science, Weather Forecasting, Space Weather Prediction, Hydrology Studies, or Climate Monitoring—Part III

Monday, 7 January 2019: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
North 230 (Phoenix Convention Center - West and North Buildings)
Hosts: (Joint between the Ninth Conference on Transition of Research to Operations; the 15th Annual Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems; and the Second Conference on Earth Observing SmallSats )
Margaret Caulfield, NOAA/NESDIS/OPPA (Retired), Laurel, MD and Thomas Pagano, JPL/California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

2:00 PM
The Compact TIM (CTIM) Instrument
Dave Harber, Univ. of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO; and G. Drake, S. Van Dreser, K. Heuerman, J. Sprunck, C. Straatsma, I. Wanamaker, W. Zheng, G. Kopp, E. Richard, P. Pilewskie, N. Tomlin, M. Stephens, C. Yung, M. White, and J. Lehman
2:15 PM
Maintaining Continuity of the Solar Spectral Irradiance Data Record in the 21st Century: On-Orbit Validation of Future Observational Strategies
Erik Richard, Univ. of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO; and D. Harber, G. Drake, O. Coddington, S. Beland, S. Mauceri, and P. Pilewskie

2:30 PM
Modeling the 3-D Geomagnetic Field Using Satellite Scalar Field Observations
Morgan E. Schneider, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and P. Alken and A. Chulliat
2:45 PM
ReCON: Regional Coastal Oceanography with Nanosatellites
Sean McCarthy, NRL, Stennis Space Center, MS; and M. Lewis, J. Jolliff, R. W. Gould, S. Ladner, and A. Lawson
3:00 PM
Vicarious Calibration of Earth Observing Nanosatellite Sensors
Mark Lewis, NRL, Stennis Space Center, MS; and S. McCarthy, R. W. Gould, J. Jolliff, S. Ladner, A. Lawson, and P. Martinolich
3:15 PM
Optimization of Future SmallSats Constellations through OSSE: A Test Case of Assessing the Value of Deploying EON-MW in High- and Low-Inclination Orbits
Yan Zhou, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD; and S. A. Boukabara, K. Ide, N. Shahroudi, T. Zhu, R. N. Hoffman, R. Atlas, and F. Iturbide-Sanchez
3:30 PM
Deployable W-Band Antennas for CubeSats, NanoSats, and SmallSats
Tristen Hohman, Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology, Boulder, CO; and J. Fay, C. Dunlap, and M. Klein
3:45 PM
Microwave Radiometer Sensors for Economical Satellite Constellations
Marian Klein, Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology, Boulder, CO; and C. Dunlap, Z. Wang, T. Hohman, and K. Ramsdale
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