25th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

Monday, 29 April 2002: 2:30 PM
Composite analyses of local influences of tropical convection
Steven C. Sherwood, Yale University, New Haven, CT
We present a composite observational analysis of the velocity and thermal fields associated with the growth and decay of a typical maritime deep convective event over the tropical western Pacific. This composite was constructed using a large database of radiosondes combined with hourly satellite data. The results show typical heating and moistening features throughout most of the troposphere, but also show interesting behavior near and above the tropopause. Features in the lower stratosphere suggest slowly upward-propogating, free Kelvin waves. Near the tropopause there appears to be diabatic cooling not associated with these waves, suggesting either a downward turbulent heat flux or radiative cloud-top cooling. Changes in the position of the tropopause also suggest diabatic cooling at tropopause level caused by convection. These results are discussed in light of questions concerning the maintenance of the tropical tropopause.

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