13 Investigation of Vortex Profiles via Vortex Mergers

Monday, 3 November 2014
Capitol Ballroom AB (Madison Concourse Hotel)
Pavel Bělík, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN; and H. Kang, E. Winegar, D. P. Dokken, K. Scholz, and M. M. Shvartsman

Handout (2.0 MB)

In atmospheric research, explicit assumptions are often made on the shapes of velocity and vorticity profiles of axisymmetric tornado-like flows. We undertake a two-dimensional numerical study in which several initial configurations of point vortices, approximating Rankine-combined vortex blobs, are developed using the Hamiltonian equations until a nearly steady state is achieved. The resulting vorticity and velocity configurations are studied and demonstrate an rb type of a decay of velocity with -1 < b < 0.
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