Session 7D Catastrophe Modeling & Other Industry Topics

Tuesday, 17 April 2012: 1:30 PM-3:45 PM
Masters E (Sawgrass Marriott)
Sponsor: 30th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

**Indicates paper is being considered for the Max Eaton Student Prize**

Peter J. Sousounis, AIR Worldwide Corporation, Research and Modeling, Boston, MA
  1:30 PM
Virtual Vessels Evading Historical Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico
Dante C. Diaz, ImpactWeather, Inc., Houston, TX; and B. Weinzapfel, D. Eyre, M. Wishahy, and J. Spain

  1:45 PM
Quantifying risk in LiveCAT Markets: A Real-Time Named Storm Impact Loss Model
Andrew Siffert, FlagstoneRE, Halifax, NS, Canada; and G. Hofmann and J. H. Paek

  2:00 PM
A Hurricane Risk Index for the U.S
Peter S. Dailey, AIR-Worldwide, Boston, MA; and I. Dima and M. Desflots

  2:30 PM
Is a Trillion Dollar Hurricane Season Possible?
Hugh E. Willoughby, Florida International University, Miami, FL

  2:45 PM
EQECAT's Time-Stepping United States Mainland Tropical Cyclone Wind Field Model
Justin Brolley, CoreLogic, Oakland, CA; and J. Mangano, D. F. Smith, and A. Haseemkunju

  3:00 PM
Tropical Cyclone Risk Models - Circular Symmetry Revisited
Peter J. Sousounis, AIR Worldwide Corporation, Boston, MA; and J. Butke and K. A. Hill

  3:15 PM
Towards a Global Tropical Cyclone Risk Model
Angelika Werner, Willis Research Network, London, United Kingdom; and G. J. Holland, J. M. Done, J. Czajkowski, I. Scott, H. Galy, P. L. Vidale, J. Strachan, T. R. Knutson, M. Zhao, H. S. Kim, J. A. Smith, G. Villarini, P. McSharry, D. B. Stephenson, R. Vitolo, B. Khazai, and G. Michel