Session 15D Air-Sea Interaction I

Friday, 20 April 2018: 8:00 AM-10:30 AM
Heritage Ballroom (Sawgrass Marriott)
Host: 33rd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology
Peter G. Black, NOAA/AOML/HRD, Hurricane Research Division, Miami, FL and Lynn K. (Nick) Shay, Univ. of Miami/RSMAS, RSMS/Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, Miami, FL

8:00 AM
8:15 AM
Extension of the Prognostic Model of Sea Surface Temperature to Rain-Induced Cool and Freshwater Lenses
Hugo Bellenger, JAMSTEC, Yokosuka-city, Japan; and K. Drushka, W. E. Asher, G. Reverdin, M. Katsumata, and M. Watanabe

8:30 AM
Parameterizing Sea Surface Temperature Cooling Induced by Tropical Cyclones
XIN LIU, State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Beijing, China; and D. L. Zhang
9:00 AM
Boundary Layer Structure and Surface Flux Estimates in Tropical Cyclones
David H. Richter, Univ. of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN; and D. P. Stern and G. H. Bryan
9:15 AM
Tropical Cyclone Interaction with the Ocean: The Role of High Frequency Coupled Processes
Enrico Scoccimarro, CMCC, Bologna, Italy; and P. Fogli, A. Bellucci, S. Gualdi, K. A. Reed, S. Masina, and A. Navarra
9:30 AM
Observed Ocean HeatĀ Content Variations FromĀ In-Situ and Satellite Measurements During The 2017 Hurricane Season
Lynn K. Shay, RSMAS, Miami, FL; and J. K. Brewster, E. Maturi, E. Leuliette, B. Jaimes, J. Zhang, D. Donahue, J. Rudzin, and L. Hiron
9:45 AM
Harmonic Analysis of SFMR Off-Nadir Brightness Temperature Measurements in Tropical Cyclones
Heather M. Holbach, Florida State Univ., Northern Gulf Institute, and NOAA/AOML, Miami, FL; and M. A. Bourassa and B. W. Klotz
10:00 AM
Barrier Layer Development within Tropical Cyclones Based on Argo Float Network Observations
John Daniel Steffen, Florida State Univ./Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Tallahassee, FL; and M. Bourassa
10:15 AM
Tropical Cyclone-Ocean Interaction : Cases of Meranti (2016), Patricia (2015), and Haiyan (2013)
I.-I. Lin, National Taiwan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan; and H. C. Huang, M. M. Lu, J. Boucharel, F. F. Jin, and M. Lien
- Indicates paper has been withdrawn from meeting
- Indicates an Award Winner