134 A Study on the Behaviour of Ionosphere with 205MHz ST Wind Profiler Radar at Cochin Coastal Region

Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Zurich (Swissotel Chicago)
Rakesh Varadarajan, Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research, CUSAT, Kochi, India

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A study on the behaviour of Ionosphere with 205MHz ST Wind Profiler Radar at Cochin coastal region

Rakesh V. (1), Titu K. Samson (1), Rejoy Rebello, Manoj M. G., Ajil Kottayil, K. Mohankumar(1), P. Mohanan, K. Vasudevan and K. R. Santosh

(1) Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research. Cochin University of Science and Technology, ST Radar Facility, Cochin -682022. India

Ionosphere is a region of atmosphere where the ions exists, in combined state, electrically neutral in most of the areas. Although ions give their name to the region, free electrons actually affect radio waves. The number of electrons starts to increase at an altitude of about 30 km, but the electron density isn’t sufficient to affect radio waves until about 60 km. For the convenience for many explanations, the ionosphere is spitted into number of distinct layers, but it’s not entirely accurate as the entire ionosphere contains ionized molecules (and free electrons). Preliminary observation on the layers of ionosphere, their behaviour during different seasons (present study was conducted on the summer of South India and the equinox period) was carried out during day and night, using the newly established world’s first Stratosphere Troposphere Wind Profiler Radar operating at 205MHz located at Cochin (10.04°N, 76.33°E) India, which is configured in Doppler Beam Steering (DBS) mode towards 8° North (Geomagnetic latitude 1.72°N, 149.66°E). The radar has the beam steering capability to scan up to ±30° in any direction. The radar system employs an active phased antenna array with 0.3MW peak power consisting of 619 Transmit Receive modules. 0.73m irregularities was observed with ST Radar in 8°N beam directions which is perpendicular to the earth’s magnetic field. Power spectra where obtained in every 5 second with a range resolution of 800m. More detailed study and observational results of Ionosphere behaviour with 205MHz Wind Profiler Radar to higher altitudes covering different layers will be presented.

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