84th AMS Annual Meeting

Thursday, 15 January 2004: 8:30 AM
The navy’s on-scene weather prediction system, COAMPS-OSTM
Room 605/606
Daniel A. Geiszler, SAIC, Monterey, CA; and J. Kent, J. L. S. Strahl, J. Cook, G. Love, L. Phegley, J. Schmidt, Q. Zhao, F. Franco, L. Frost, M. Frost, D. Grant, S. Lowder, D. Martinez, and L. N. McDermid
Poster PDF (308.8 kB)
COAMPS-OS is an on-scene weather prediction system that incorporates database and visualization components to support the operational deployment of the Navy’s Coupled Ocean / Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPSTM). COAMPS is a globally relocatable, nonhydrostatic NWP model capable of weather prediction at spatial and temporal scales of 1-100 km and 0-72 hours. COAMPS-OS has recently been enhanced to better support the operational forecasters, government agencies, and research institutions that use the system. The enhancements include support for LINUX PC-based computational clusters using MPI and web-based Java applets to configure COAMPS, set meteogram locations, and extract/format COAMPS output for use in atmospheric dispersion models such as HPAC and VLSTrack. The applets allow for the operation of COAMPS-OS from platforms that support an Internet browser and the Java plugin. The automated visualization capabilities of COAMPS-OS have been enhanced to include new products and animations, processed in parallel to the model runs.

Development of COAMPS-OS will continue during the next year. Improvements to the system will include new 3D atmospheric and oceanographic variational analyses with a real-time verification system, access to real-time satellite data, a 3D cloud analysis, a radar wind analysis, and new products and product suites to address specific forecast requirements of the operators. Future improvements include the merging of the forecast system with a real-time nowcast system, interfacing to a wave model, and possibly transitioning to WRF.

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