87th AMS Annual Meeting

Session 6: Atmospheric Observations

Wednesday, 17 January 2007: 8:30 AM-12:15 PM
210B (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Chair:  Frank Marks, NOAA/AOML/HRD
  8:30 AM
  8:45 AM
GFDL model output comparisons with surface wind observations for hurricane Ivan 2004
Isha M. Renta-López, Howard University, Washington, DC; and M. D. Powell and V. R. Morris

  9:00 AM
Observed integrated moisture fields within tropical storm systems
John J. Braun, UCAR, Boulder, CO; and T. Van Hove and T. Mayo

  9:30 AM
AIRS observations of tropospheric humidity: how well do the models compare?
David W. Pierce, SIO/Univ. Of California, La Jolla, CA; and T. P. Barnett, E. J. Fetzer, P. J. Gleckler, and A. J. Braverman

  9:45 AM
Extending satellite microwave humidity retrievals from ocean to land
John M. Forsythe, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO; and S. Q. Kidder, K. M. Donofrio, A. S. Jones, and T. H. Vonder Haar

  10:00 AM
Coffee Break in Meeting Room Foyer

  10:30 AM
Improved AIRS/AMSU soundings and error estimates
Joel Susskind, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and R. M. Atlas

  10:45 AM
Atmosphere heat fluxes estimated from Terra and Aqua satellites
Alice Fan, SAIC, Hampton, VA; and B. Lin

  11:00 AM
CH4 in the atmosphere over the peatland ecosystem of West Siberia retrieved from AIRS/AQUA spectra
K. G. Gribanov, Ural State Univ., Yekaterinburg, Russia; and R. Imasu, A. Y. Toptygin, W. Bleuten, A. V. Naumov, A. V. Yevtyushkin, E. A. Dyukarev, and V. I. Zakharov

  11:15 AM
Early Results from the COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 Mission
Ying-Hwa Kuo, UCAR, Boulder, CO; and C. Rocken, W. Schreiner, and R. A. Anthes

  11:30 AM
Determining the accuracy and representativeness of wind profiler data
Ralph A. Petersen, CIMSS/University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and K. M. Bedka

  11:45 AM
Potential impacts of a space-based Doppler Wind Lidar
G. D. Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and J. Terry and R. Atlas

Hyperspectral Applications of Geostationary Satellite Remotely Sensed Data