1.3 Stratosphere—Troposphere Coupling by Planetary Waves

Tuesday, 25 January 2011: 9:15 AM
3B (Washington State Convention Center)
Daniela I.V. Domeisen, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; and R. A. Plumb
Manuscript (102.6 kB)

The stratosphere and troposphere exhibit strong coupling during the active seasons of the stratosphere (winter/spring in the Northern/Southern Hemispheres), which are characterized by bursts of planetary-scale Rossby waves and by large stratospheric wind and temperature anomalies (major or minor warmings), which may be accompanied by tropospheric flow anomalies. We here explore further the role of planetary wave bursts in creating these anomalies and in stratosphere – troposphere coupling.

This kind of variability is now well known to occur spontaneously in models of a wide range of complexity. This paper seeks to contribute to the understanding of such variability within a quasi-linear framework. This is done by employing a linear model to diagnose Rossby wave behavior in a general circulation model of intermediate complexity (a spectral core model) in cases in which the model exhibits such variability. Resonance theory is suggested to provide a means to understand stratosphere – troposphere coupling immediately prior to the onset of wave bursts and the accompanying stratospheric warmings and tropospheric anomalies.

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